About us


On the photo: Team of the company WAGNER with its head - Walter Wagner - in the middle.

Since 1994 WAGNER company is producing special lubricants under the trade names WINDIGO and WAGNER.  Using only the best ingredients and, of course, only primary raffinates.

Oils and special lubricants of WAGNER (WINDIGO) are never cheap - but always worth the money! Best quality results - in lubricants as in the kitchen – when using the best ingredients. And only small, specialized companies are able, regardless of costs, to use always the best ingredients.

The company WAGNER in the Bavarian Wechingen is the largest and oldest provider of special lubricants for new, used and vintage cars in Germany.

The products of WAGNER are used by many German automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, AUDI, Porsche, BMW.

Since 2015 products of WAGNER are delivered under the brand name WINDIGO. The products will also be manufactured in Germany; the brand change is connected with the registration of a trademark - WINDIGO.