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Benzin Additiv 1:200 (250 ml)


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Enough for 250 l of petrol.

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Gasoline additive - Bactofin and diesel additive - Biodiesel is a multifunctional combination of bioactive substances which promote combustion optimizing, fuel saving, protection from wear, cleaning the tank from corrosion and increasing of the octane rating.


- Prevents the loss of fuel ignition ability.
- Effectively protects the tank from corrosion.
- Highly-active catalysts help to optimize combustion.
- Cleans tank, pipes, injection pump or carburetor, intake ducts, valves, piston ring grooves and combustion chambers from deposits, varnish and resin formation.
- Prevents condensation.
- No negative impact on the octane rating.
- Longer service life of the catalyst.
- Prevents foaming and growth of bacteria.
- Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions (soot, HC, CO, NOx).


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Benzin Additiv 1:200 (250 ml)

Benzin Additiv 1:200 (250 ml)

Enough for 250 l of petrol.