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For 6-8 l of oil.

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Motor Cleaner removes deposits on oil thrower rings, piston rings and valve gaskets caused by resin formation and caking of the engine oil. Neutralizes harmful acids in the engine. For all types of petrol, diesel and gas engines, as well as for transmissions and differentials.


- Increases compression.
- Reduces wear .
- Reduces fuel and oil consumption.
- Contributes to adherence to the prescribed exhaust limit values.
- Improves engine power.
- Extends catalytic converter lifespan.
- Minimizes hydraulic pusher noise

What is the difference between Motor Cleaner and other "engine flushes" and “5-minute motor flushes”?

"5-minute motor flushes" consist of cheap and low-quality solvents and acetones, which attack the rubber seals. Moto Cleaner affects only the oil deposits and the oil without attacking of rubber seals and gaskets. Besides Motor Cleaner contents anti-wear components that are very important for engine cleaning. Since the cleaners dissolve oil and oil deposits, the engine itself is not protected during the cleaning process. It is thanks to anti-wear components of Motor Cleaner you can be sure that the engine will be cleaned effectively and this procedure will be 100% safe.

Motor Cleaner also prepares the engine before application of micro-ceramic and universal lubricating oil additives, increasing their effectiveness.


WINDIGO Motor Cleaner can be used to clean:

- Engines of new and used cars, of domestic and foreign production.
- Mechanical transmissions.
- Differentials, axles, transfer cases.

Application in IC-engines: Every time before the oil change add Motor Cleaner to the old engine oil. Add ratio: 6 - 7% of the total oil volume. Continue to run the engine or drive the vehicle for 10-15 minutes. Then change the oil and filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Motor Cleaner provides additional protection of the engine because it consists of high-performance anti-wear components.


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Windigo Motor Cleaner (400 ml)

Windigo Motor Cleaner (400 ml)

For 6-8 l of oil.