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Seal Recovery Oil-Stop (250 ml)


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Enough for units with the oil volume up to 5 l.

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Oil-Stop is a specialized product that repairs leaky seals in engines, manual and automatic transmissions, power steering transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems. In length of time, under the influence of oil and temperature – rubber seals lose their elasticity, reduce in size. This causes oil leakage. The oil flows into the combustion chamber (blue exhaust smoke is a result), comes out.

Oil-Stop removes small oil leakage - "oil drip", soaking. It can be used with all standard oils without changing viscosity characteristics of the base oil. Affects only the rubber seals – gaskets, spacer etc. Restores elasticity and former size of rubber seals.

- Oil - Stop recovers seals that became brittle due to normal wear.
- Protects untight seals against leaks.
- Makes reliably tight and completely prevents polluting oil leaks.
- Reduces oil consumption by recovering of leaky valve seals (restores valve seals).
- Prevents blue exhaust smoke.


For all gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, power steering, hydraulic systems and industrial equipment. Thanks to high-quality synthetic basic components can be used with all standard oils. Admixture: 10% of the total oil volume.

How does Oil-Stop work?

Over time the rubber oil seals lose their elasticity, dry up and become thinner. High temperatures in the engine and transmission also contribute to the thinning of seals. Such defect seals cause leakage of the oil which can drip to the ground, get into the combustion chamber (through the valve stem seals) and form oil stains on the surface of car units.

Oil-Stop does not change the characteristics of the oil, but penetrate to the rubber seals and interacts with them. As a result, after 2 hours of operation of the mechanism, the elasticity and original dimensions of the seals are restored.

Now the restored seal reliably holds the oil inside the mechanism. There is no need to change the seal. At that, the characteristics of the base oil do not change (viscosity, fluidity, anti-wear qualities remain the same).


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Seal Recovery Oil-Stop (250 ml)

Seal Recovery Oil-Stop (250 ml)

Enough for units with the oil volume up to 5 l.